Omnistake Cartesi Telegram Bot

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2 min readDec 23, 2021

We believe that blockchain should be easy to understand and interact with. The same way we use the Internet now: in an easy and seamless way, we should be able to use blockchains applications.

Ideally, MetaMask and long addressed should only be the ramp on and off the applications, but everything else should be handle with a more easy and intuitive interface.

We are happy to announce our Omnistake Cartesi Telegram BOT! We are the only pool to provide this service.

The goal of the bot is ease of use. You can start a conversation with the bot providing the address you used to stake CTSI with Omnistake (it also works with ENS). Then you can ask at any time information about the pool (/pool) and your summary (/summary). The bot will tell you how much you have staked and what’s your total reward, together with many insightful information.

Every time a block is mined you will receive a notification with the amount of the reward you earned and the current value.

You can also check the CTSI price with a simple message (/price)

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